Peoria High partners with Ag Lab

Oct 14, 2013

A District 150 high school is hoping to peak students’ interest in science with a partnership with the Peoria Ag Lab. Officials with the USDA National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research initially approached Peoria High School with the idea of accepting some students for a one-day internship next month and a longer-term internship for three junior or senior students next semester. But the school pushed for the partnership to expand to all students.

Scientists and researchers with the Ag Lab recently spoke with eight science classrooms this year, reaching more than 150 teens. Fifty of those students will get the chance to visit the federal building once the government shutdown concludes. Peoria High Principal Brett Elliott says the primary goal of the partnership is to help make sure all graduating students are college or career-ready.

"How many people truly know what's going on at the Ag Lab? So to get kids that exposure and the different levels of science and how every day science courses do actually apply to outside of high school. It gets towards our vision and hopefully gets them excited about science and making it relevant," says Elliott.

Elliott says juniors and seniors selected for the Ag Lab internships for next semester will get hands-on experience in a working research environment. Elliott says the Ag Lab will also continue to send scientists and researchers to the school to speak with students.