Peoria to hold first marathon

Mar 13, 2013

The first ever Peoria marathon is taking place this Spring. As Peoria Public Radio’s Deborah OldenKamp reports the Run River City Marathon also features a marathon relay, a 25-K, and a 5-K, as well as a youth run.

The marathon series is May 19th, with events beginning at 7 that morning. Marathon organizer Adam White says four years ago Champaign began their marathon events.

"In the first year they had 10,000 people in there inaugural event. This last year, in 2012, just four short years after, they had more than 23,000 people toe the line in their combined events. You could not on that weekend, along the I-74 corridor find a hotel from Bloomington to Danville. That is a real impact," says White. 

White says this event has the opportunity to grow into a weekend festival attracting people from across the country to Central Illinois. All races begin and end in downtown Peoria. The final route for the marathon is not yet set. Organizers are wanting to make sure to include qualification standards for the Boston Marathon. Proceeds from the event are to benefit the St. Jude Runs programs. More information is available at