Peoria LISC looks to financial center, neighborhood growth in 2014

Dec 27, 2013

The group working to revitalize Peoria’s struggling neighborhoods hopes to open a Financial Opportunity Center in 2014.  Peoria’s Local Initiatives Support Corporation, or LISC, plans to work with community groups and non-profits to combine financial services into one place.  Brandon Holmes is the Executive Director of the Peoria LISC. He says that will make it easier for residents to get financial help:

 “There’s lots of organizations that are doing a lot of great things here in Peoria already, but it goes more into connecting the dots,” Holmes says.

 “Creating that one stop shop where a family can come in and feel like they’re really understood and they can build that long-term relationship with a financial coach.  Someone who’s checking in on them and making sure they’re actually doing what they need to do to get towards the financial goals that they’ve set, someone who’s working with them on the employment side.”

 Holmes says LISC is involved with more than 70 financial centers across the country.  He says another goal for 2014 is to work with a contractor or non-profit to meet with neighbors in the South Side and East Bluff.  Holmes says the purpose is to craft neighborhood goals and strategies to help improve the South Side and East Bluff.  Holmes says LISC is also working to implement a $3 million dollar grant from the state Attorney General’s Office to demolish buildings in the East Bluff and build new homes