Peoria looks to attract new call center

Mar 8, 2013

Peoria officials are working together to attract a new call center business to the city. Mark Rothert  is assistant Peoria County Administrator for Economic Development.  He says the company would create about 200 jobs if it locates in the area.

"Right now, immediately, if the company were to expand into Peoria, they could fill about 50 jobs immediately. So, with that potential of 200 jobs, this is a good project to be working on to help spur on our economic development," says Rothert.

Rothert  says Peoria is currently competing against another city for the company’s business. He says the business wants to evaluate the labor market as it considers moving to the area. To that end, Rothert says area residents interested in potentially working for the company can complete a five-question survey online at The survey is available through Wednesday.