Peoria low-income health clinic opens new headquarters

Aug 8, 2014

A Central Illinois health clinic opened its new headquarters in Peoria Friday. The Heartland Community health Clinic is a federally-qualified center serving low-income or disadvantaged residents. The new building opened with the help of a $500,000 state grant. Governor Pat Quinn says the clinic’s preventative services can benefit the state as more Illinois residents sign-up for health care coverage:

 "Getting a checkup for high blood pressure, if you have a problem of pre-diabetes, pre-natal we’ve talked about. All these things are delivered at the clinic level where it’s in the neighborhood, people have confidence in it, and now they have the coverage.”

 Quinn says 622,000 people have signed up for state health coverage.  The Peoria Hartland Community Healthcare Clinic already serves about 22,000 people a year for dental care, physicals and immunizations. The opening of the new facility coincides with the 10 anniversary of the Community CLinic having federally funding status.