Peoria Museum not providing financial documents to County

Apr 17, 2013

  The Peoria Riverfront Museum has failed to file required financial information with the County, that holds the property. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports that leaves the Museum’s financial standing in question: 

 Peoria County voters approved a one percent sales tax increase to for the museum in 2009. The County’s contract with P-R-M requires the museum share its audited financial statements, current fiscal year budget and other tax-forms with Peoria County. The contract language was set up to be a taxpayer safeguard, sort of checks and balances. But some of that information is months overdue. Scott Sorrel is Assistant Peoria County Administrator. He says the County’s been asking for the information since last fall:

 “If we’re able to see the budget when it’s adopted, then we will know if they're meeting or expected to meet their financial goals and targets for the upcoming fiscal year,” Sorrel says.

 “When we see their financial statements we can look at those and know if they actually achieved those financial goals in the previous fiscal year,” Sorrel says.  

 Sorrel says Museum officials say they plan to share the information with the County by the end of the month.