Peoria Planning Commission approves land use changes for sports complex

Feb 6, 2014

North Peoria residents continue to speak out against the proposed Louisville Slugger Sports Complex off route 91. Residents in the neighboring Timberbrook Subdivision voiced concern about increased noise and light if the dome and 10-baseball diamonds are built. 

The Peoria Planning Commission yesterday approved land use changes allowing for the complex. Commissioner Michele Anderson says she supports the more than 50-acre development: 

“This has proximity to the mall, it has proximity to other somewhat commercial ventures. It feels to me like this is something of a natural growth from that area. I think it’s a wonderful thing. Maybe not the ideal location for everybody, but I think it’s a wonderful thing for Peoria.”

Other commissioners say they support the idea, but the developer should have done more to consult area residents about concerns. The motion includes building a berm and trees, or something similar, to shield the activity from residents on the north-west corner of the complex.  

The City Council will take up the motion next week. The Zoning Commission considers the development today.