Peoria residents facing large costs from storm

Jun 27, 2013

Some Peoria residents are facing heavy financial costs related to water damage caused by last weekend’s storm.  Dozens of residents called water mitigation and reconstruction companies to deal with the damage. Jack Kellerstrass is Vice President of ServiceMaster of Central Illinois. He says water-damage repairs can get very expensive.

“Typical water mitigation would be between probably two and five thousand dollars for a normal-sized finished basement,” Kellerstrass says.

“The reconstruction can obviously cost up toward ten thousand dollars if you go in there and you don’t do the proper dryout.”

This storm comes just a few weeks after the historic flooding of the Illinois River, which affected nearly 400 homes in the area.  Kellerstrass says Sunday’s five inches of rain in three hours was unpredictable for homeowners in North Peoria because of the sudden weather change.