Peoria teachers union elects new president

Apr 10, 2013

  The Peoria Federation of Teachers union also elected its next president last night.  Von Steuben Middle School teacher Scott Donahue replaces outgoing president Bob Darling.  Darling says the impact of pension reform and new evaluation tools are among the top issues facing teachers in the state.  To that end, he says both teachers and school administrators must collaborate: “We’re in it together because we no longer can be at odds over each other over some minor things, we won’t always agree.  But the attack is on public education, it’s not on the unions, the school boards or the administration, it’s on all of us,” Darling says. Darling was elected to the position in 2009.  There are 1,100 teachers in School District 150.  Donahue will start his two-year term as union president next month.