Peoria's Adams and Jefferson Streets could go two-way

Feb 26, 2013

Adams and Jefferson streets in downtown Peoria could be changed from one to two-way. But that likely will not happen anytime soon. The Peoria City Council is asking city staff to create an implementation plan for transition. That would include how extensive the city would go with the street changes. 

Most city council members also voiced concern about how much the effort might cost and how the city might pay for it. At-Large Peoria City Councilman Ryan Spain offered the motion to create the implementation plan. He says talking with existing business owners and doing it the most cost effective way have to be priorities. ”I think Mister Manager, that it might be appropriate that for the engineering services, and that portion could get really expensive really quickly and just how we talked about making sure we have a really tight focus, that might be an RFP that you bring back to the council or present it as part of the implementation plan, Spain says.”  Both Jefferson and Adams streets were two-way until 1951. At-Large Peoria City Councilman Gary Sandberg has championed the two-way street cause for more than a decade when the Heart of Peoria Plan was created. But Sandberg says if it’s going to work, the project has to to be basic. “They can be two-way street tomorrow morning unless you want to overthink it. And again I’m for moving toward complete streets, because that’s the term of art that urban planners like to call it.But what’s critical is to get something done instead of over-think it, over study it, and over do it.” Sandberg agrees with Spain. He says the city must work with business owners in the area, and create the implementation plan without spending much money. The length of Adams and Jefferson under consideration for two-way traffic is about a four-mile stretch that runs from Van Buren on the North to Western at the south.