PHA discusses first phase of Taft Homes redevelopment project

Jul 3, 2014

The Peoria Housing Authority continues to work on redeveloping Taft Homes. The Model Group presented plans Wednesday night for the first phase of the project that will take place at the former Greeley School.

About 45 residential units will make up the site. The project includes renovating the former school as well as the construction of two new apartment buildings.

Historic status and funds for rehabilitation will be sought for the site. Model Group Senior Developer Tony Fitts says preserving the structure can revitalize the neighborhood.

“Doing rehab, when you do it right, you're really returning an asset that was already in place rather than tearing it down.  If you can bring that back and bring the community around it that used to be there, if you can bring that back you’re basically restoring what had probably worked well in the first place.”

The Model group wants the former Greeley School to be a Scholar House. The idea is to provide housing to residents pursuing higher education and have children. The proposal is to offer head start and daycare at the new Taft Homes site for residents’ children.