PHA looking at two parcels for Taft redevelopment project

Feb 12, 2014

The Peoria Housing Authority is looking to buy two properties to replace some of the apartments in the Taft Homes. The PHA is looking for land throughout the city to build new homes for the more than 200 units currently at Taft. The two potential properties for development are at 919 Northeast Jefferson and 2917 West Lake. 

Yvonne Long is the PHA Director of Modernization and Development. She says two community meetings are planned next week for neighbors of the properties, business owners and Taft residents.

“An open dialogue where if there are issues and concerns they can be addressed. But it also gives us the opportunity to  share information about what our initiatives are and the families that we serve, so we can kind of demystify the perception of public housing residents or even what public housing is,” Long says.  

The meetings are Wednesday at 6:00p.m. at the Spring Hill Suites Marriott and 5:30p.m. next Thursday at the Gateway building.  The two properties would comprise about 80 units if approved. 

The Jefferson property is owned by District 150 and the West lake property is privately held. Long says that no decisions will be made until the PHA hears from the public.  Still, any action on the project won’t happen soon.  The PHA did not get federal funding necessary for the Taft Redevelopment Plan.