PHA says the Taft Homes redevelopment project is still under its purview

Apr 29, 2013

Peoria Housing Authority administration and board members say efforts to redevelop Taft Homes are still under their purview. That’s despite the city of Peoria recently voting to approve Northside Riverfront TIF money to fund a study looking at various options for the property. 

The two government groups as well as other stakeholders are working together to make sure the area is re-purposed in a way that benefits the city and PHA residents. 

Brenda Coates is the Chief Executive Officer for the local authority. She says residents are still a priority when considering different redevelopment options.

“There are a number of residents who have an interest in living on that side of town. They like where the live, they’ve been there for a while, (and) they like the fact that there are hospitals nearby. But on the other hand, there are some residents who have told us that if given another place to live, in another area, I’d be interested in that too.”

Coates says the study will look at everything from re-building public and market rate housing on the site to a land swap with the city. 

The next step in the study is getting PHA administration, board members, city officials and area business owners together to discuss ideas for the site. The study is expected to be finished in September.