PHA takes public input on a proposed apartment site

Mar 11, 2014

Credit Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

The Peoria Housing Authority took questions and comments, some loud and angry, from neighbors of the 3772 Brandywine Drive property proposed for Taft Homes replacement apartments. Peoria Public Radio’s Tanya Koonce has more:


That’s the third property proposed to house thirty apartments to replace some of the more than 200 units at Taft. The majority of the community responses so far are opposed to the proposed sites. But what might be being overlooked is the additional investment of maintaining safety and walkability in the neighborhoods that house the new apartments. PHA Board Chair Ken Zika says one of the things they'll do with the city is to try to get sidewalks, make safe pedestrian road access. And Zika says it's most important people understand Taft residents want a safe walkable neighborhood too.

Less than a third of the people who live at Taft own a car, hence walkable access to public transit and grocery stories is necessary.

The plan includes demolishing the barracks style housing and selling the river-view property. Five or six new apartment complexes throughout the city are intended to replace it.

The two other potential properties for development are at 9-19 Northeast Jefferson and 29-17 West Lake.

The Taft Homes Project is the topic of tonight’s Outside the Horseshoe. Join Tanya Koonce and her guests, PHA Executive Director Brenda Coates, First District Councilwoman Denise Moore and Assistant City Manager Chris Setti at 6:00p.m. here at 89.9 Peoria Public Radio.