PHA to vote on new firearms policy

Dec 30, 2013

The Peoria Housing Authority board will vote on a new firearms policy next month. The goal is to make sure its complying with Illinois’ concealed carry law which takes effect in January. The law forbids anyone from carrying a concealed weapon on government property. P.H.A. Chief Executive Officer Brenda Coates says the housing authority’s policy will reflect that by prohibiting concealed carry in any of its buildings, including the common areas.

 “However, if they are simply transporting a gun/weapon from their vehicle and they must pass through a common area to get to their unit, they are allowed to do that.”

 Coates says licensed gun holders must have their firearms unloaded, in a case, and out of plain view when transporting them to their vehicles or homes. The authority will post signs on property where concealed carry is not allowed.