Planning Commission financial future discussed by Peoria County board members

Jan 31, 2014

The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission is falling short of its mission to manage its finances. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports that’s the message from some Peoria County Board members:

 Peoria County Board member Andrew Rand serves on the Planning Commission. He’s telling county board members he’s concerned about the Commission’s financial stability as it struggles to maintain enough cash on the books each month and retain professional staff. Rand says the Commission as a whole is not focused on its main goal of planning:

 “Whatever happened with our efforts in regional economic development or has happened with our efforts in respect to our executives, or some internal control problems on a dollar here or dollar there, all this stuff is yesterday.  What’s today is a very brittle financial situation, and no defined path out,” Rand.

 The Commission is asking Peoria and Tazewell County each for $100,000 and Woodford County for $50,000 to help ease the commission’s finances.  

Woodford County chair Stan Glazier says the county is concerned about paying the commission because the county budget is already passed, and the commission does not have a solid long-term financial plan.  

That has some Peoria County Board members saying they support exploring reducing Woodford County’s membership on the commission if Woodford isn't paying as much.  The Peoria County Board could continue its financial contribution discussions at its next meeting.