Police make four more arrests in home invasions

Nov 27, 2013

Peoria Police say they've arrested all known suspects involved in a rash of home invasions. Chief Steve Settingsgaard says the arrests of four new suspects effectively ends the investigation into the series of armed robberies. He says the residents of Peoria can breathe a sigh of relief after the six home invasions:

 “Our good people have had to sleep with one eye open, and now it’s time for the suspects to worry.  Now it’s time for the good people I think they can relax a bit. We’ve got a number of suspects who have got some very stressful days ahead of them,” Settingsgaard says.

   Lorenzo and Stefan Crayton, Marvin Payton, and Blair Johnson were arrested within hours of each other last night.  Perry Rosetto was arrested earlier in the week as a key player in the invasions. The Chief says more stolen property was recovered as result of the arrests. He says people should contact police and return suspicious items they recently acquired. Settingsgaard says the special team created to deal with the break-ins will remain in place until all matters with the investigation are com