Political scientist says not to underestimate Quinn

Jun 12, 2013

Politicians looking to take over the governor's mansion have gotten a lot of attention lately, but a politician scientist warns not to discount the man occupying it now.  IPR’S Amanda Vinicky has more.

Most voters are less than impressed by Governor Pat Quinn's performance and according to polls, they haven't been for a while. Which helps explain why he's got so many challengers. 

GOP Treasurer Dan Rutherford and businessman Bruce Rauner have already declared they're running, and more Republicans are expected to soon.  President Barack Obama's former Chief of Staff Bill Daley's the first Democrat to say he wants to take on Quinn.  And anticipation's heavy over the possibility that Attorney General Lisa Madigan may decide to run as a Democrat too.

No matter what the polls say now, Paul Green says any of those candidates will have a formidable opponent in Pat Quinn.

"Oh, absolutely. Pat Quinn is a very good campaigner.  Don't underestimate his ability."

Green is the Director of Roosevelt University's Institute for Politics.

"It's a multiple choice exam. It's not against the perfect candidate.  It's against the individual.  Everyone there has got problems and everyone there has got strengths."

Green says Quinn's got a big strength. He's got the power of the governor's office behind him.