Port Authority future remains uncertain

Apr 30, 2014

A ten-year-old government group needs to find a new home or officially suspend its actions later this year. Those are the main options for the Heart Of Illinois Regional Port District:

 The Port Authority had spent nearly the last year without a meeting, since its executive director resigned last spring.  Since then, support for its major Port facility project in Pekin with Aventine sputtered out, and no new work has surfaced since then. Port Authority chair Dan Silverthorn says he’s now looking to other government groups to house the Authority. He says the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission would make sense, in-part because it’s a public organization that works with federal and state grants:

 “So they have feet on the ground, they have people out in the communtiy all the time looking for opportunities and taking care of that,” Silverthorn says.

 “So that’s an open eye which, a board of directors like us who’s strictly volunteers that have other duties, this would be where you need a staff and somebody paying attention. Especially people like in their organization that are trying to do this.”

 Silverthorn says the Authority will spend the next 90 days seeing if it can move in with another group. Silverthorn says the entity will otherwise likely go dormant, and divide up the  remainder of its unspent funds to the investing counties.