Possible replacements for Pat Brady

May 7, 2013

Illinois Republican Party bosses say they already have a few dozen candidates who want to be the next party chairman.  Pat Brady resigned that post Tuesday - following controversy around his support for same-sex marriage.  IPR’s Alex Keefe reports:

The big question some GOP insiders are asking is:  With Democrats in control of the state house, the governor’s mansion and the new political map, who would want to be an unpaid Republican party chairman?

NALEPA: It is a thankless job. Enemies will be made.

Jim Nalepa is one name that keeps popping up.  He’s an executive headhunter from Hinsdale, a former congressional candidate - and an optimist.

NALEPA: We’re in a vacuum right now, and uh, I’m ready to fill that void.

Meanwhile, Lake Forest attorney Mark Shaw, who already sits on the Republican State Central Committee, says he knows what the party needs.

SHAW: ...grassroots development, precinct organizations - if they think that’s what the party needs at this time, I’ll be happy to step forward.

Party leaders say they’re looking for a solid fundraiser and spokesperson who can help win the governor’s mansion in 20-14.  They have two months to choose one.