Prescription discount card to help Tazewell County residents

Jul 31, 2013

Tazewell County residents without prescription drug coverage can now use another free card for savings.

The County is partnering with the ProAct healthcare company to launch the program. Officials say the discount card aims to benefit residents who are uninsured and underinsured. Tazewell County Administrator Michael Freilinger says the new card is an alternative to the current Caremark program:

“They’ve expanded their coverage to include things such as vision, LASIK, and hearing products or services that currently Caremark does not provide.”

Freilinger also says the discount card will help many people pay for their medications:

“The program is beneficial to people who may have insurance, but they don’t have prescription drug insurance. Anybody who is not insured or their insurance does not include prescription drugs or dental, they can use this card.”

The program provides up to 20 percent off brand-name drugs and 50 percent off generic drugs. Only one discount card is allowed per family.  It can also be used for pet medications. The card cannot be used with another insurance carrier. ProAct started mailing the cards to residents earlier this week. The cards are also available at the Tazewell County Board office and participating pharmacies.