PRM to hold Community History Day

Nov 8, 2013

History is expected to come alive Saturday at a day-long Peoria Riverfront Museum event. The facility is partnering with the Peoria Historical Society and WTVP to offer a community history day. Visitors to the museum will get to see Civil War displays, re-enactors, lecturers, and musicians.

Mark Johnson is the President of the Historical Society’s Board of Directors. He says admission is half-price for all guests.

“We urge people, if they have a special interest in history, to come on down but also members throughout the community if they’ve not had a chance to stop down and visit the new museum yet. We’ll have a lot of special events going on during the day, and it would be a great opportunity for them to experience what the new museum has to offer.”

The Museum and Historical Society will recognize three historical events throughout the day including the Gettysburg Address and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There will also be a free exclusive sneak peek of WTVP’s new American Experience film, JFK, on the Giant Screen theater.