The process of applying for concealed carry

Jan 2, 2014

Illinois residents can soon start applying to carry concealed weapons. IPR'S Tony Arnold reports on the process.

Illinois was the last state in the country to adopt a concealed carry law. And that’s only because a federal court mandated the state legislature to allow it. 

Most applicants can sign up starting January 5th. But those hoping to be firearms instructors, like Richard Pearson with the Illinois State Rifle Association, have already started testing the system.

"I was able to record and request my concealed carry permit online as part of an experimental group and it went fine."

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is concerned about monitoring the influx of applicants who will want a permit right away. He says he’s not equipped to check on the likely thousands Cook County residents applying - some of whom may have mental health issues or criminal records.

"The thought that somehow there’s this really well thought-out system, no. No."

Dart says he’s considered legal action to give his staff more time to investigate who wants to carry concealed weapons.