Proposed changes to dog ownership regulations go public

Oct 3, 2013

Dog ownership regulations in Peoria are getting a second look.  Peoria City Councilwoman Beth Akeson hosted the first of two public meetings on the proposed changes last night at Lakeview Library.

The proposed changes place restrictions on tethering a dog, could change the definition of animals running at-large and also create a reckless dog owner designation. Councilwoman Akeson says she’s looking to gather public feedback on the policy proposals that aim to create conditions where dogs don’t bite:

“We want to make sure people know what it means to be a responsible dog owner and I think that if we can achieve that we will be going down the right path. So for right now it’s not about banning Pit Bulls. But I think we need to be mindful of the fact that the injuries we see when a Pit Bull attacks are much more serious than other injuries.” 

Councilwoman Akeson says there needs to be an education component to any changes in dog ownership regulations. 

The other public forum on the proposed changes to Peoria’s Dog Ownership Regulations is at 5:30 this evening at Neighborhood House.