Proposed cuts to Amtrak will result in service reduction

May 13, 2015

Fare hikes would not be enough to make up Governor Bruce Rauner's proposed 40% cut to Illinois' funding of Amtrak.  That's what a member of Amtrak's board of directors told legislators today at a hearing. 

Thomas Carper says that large of a cut would lead to cuts in service. He was unable to specify how many routes would be cut, and says it'd be up to the state to choose which ones.

Carper says Illinois has seen ridership increase in recent years, especially as it added routes. Approximately five million riders board Amtrak trains from stations in Illinois. 

Rauner's office says years of overspending mean cuts are needed to balance the budget. 

The President of Amtrak had been scheduled to testify,  but was called away given last night's lethal derailment in Philadelphia.