Proposed legislation targets hazing

Students in Illinois who commit hazing against classmates face fines, probation, and even time behind bars. A proposal that advanced in the Illinois legislature Wednesday would extend those penalties to school personnel who fail to report such incidents to police. 

Representative Martin Moylan, a Democrat from Des Plaines, says his legislation follows an incident in his district earlier this year. A high school soccer coach was fired when several freshmen were allegedly beaten and sexually assaulted as part of a hazing ritual.

 “This was reported to a parent and when the coaches knew about it, the teachers knew about it, they didn't do any corrective measures,” Moylan says. Moylan's plan would make it a misdemeanor for teachers, coaches and school administrators to NOT report hazing. Punishment could include up to a year in jail. “We're saying when they do nothing, they do not act, they're going to be held just as responsible as the hazers,” says Moylan. The measure was unanimously approved by a House committee and now heads to the floor.