Proposed measure would cut Governor's salary

Oct 23, 2013

Governor Pat Quinn's attempt to cancel state legislators' paychecks could come back to haunt him.  A Republican legislator has filed a bill that would cut the budget of the governor's office by one million dollars.

Quinn vetoed lawmakers' salaries. He says they weren't doing their jobs because they have not passed a pension overhaul. But Representative David Harris, from Arlington Heights, says the General Assembly passed 600 bills last session.  He says Quinn and his staff have not done THEIR jobs.  He says it's the governor's duty to work with the legislature.

"The chief executive has attacked the legislature, which shows how dysfunctional we are. If they haven't done their job, then they shouldn't get the full appropriation that we did, and I suggest that that appropriation be cut."

A spokesman for Quinn says the governor has suggested ideas to deal with Illinois' unfunded pension liability. Quinn's spokesman also says the governor will not take a paycheck until the pension issue is resolved.

Representative Harris says that's easy for Quinn to do, considering taxpayers cover his food and shelter, at the Executive Mansion in Springfield.