Prosecutors Faked Evidence to Convict Man of Murder

Apr 18, 2017

Credit Flickr Creative Commons/prsa-ny

A lawsuit alleges two former prosecutors conspired with a Chicago police sergeant and others to fabricate evidence that led to a wrongful murder conviction.  The lawsuit seeks $60 million in damages for Armando Serrano. He and co-defendant Jose Montanez were released last summer, after more than two decades in prison, when prosecutors dropped charges. 

The lawsuit alleges former Detective Reynaldo Guevara and then-assistant state's attorneys Matthew Coghlan and John Dillon collaborated to pressure a key witness into pinning the 1993 murder of Rodrigo Vargas on Serrano.

Guevara has come under fire over allegations he bullied witnesses and framed innocent people in dozens of cases.  He's invoked his right against self-incrimination when questioned about the accusations.  Coghlan, now a judge, couldn't be reached for comment. Dillon declined to comment.