Protesters against federal sequester speak out

Aug 14, 2013

Protesters against the federal sequester hold signs outside Congressman Aaron Schock's office.
Credit Orko Manna / WCBU
About 20 people protested against the federal sequester outside Congressman Aaron Schock’s office Wednesday.

Members of the Service Employees International Union say big corporations use billions of dollars in loopholes to avoid paying taxes. Home care child provider Ebony Duncan says closing loopholes would mean more revenue and help restore funding for other programs:

“We’re here to demand that the corporations pay their fair share of taxes so that our children can have access to the educational resources that they need and deserve.”

The protesters spoke out specifically against the $400 million cuts to the national Head Start program. They say the sequester cuts hurt working families and single parents who depend on childcare programs. Congressman Aaron Schock did not immediately respond to a request for comment.