Protestors asked for suggestions to reduce tensions

Aug 12, 2014

Credit Rachel Lippmann/St. Louis Public Radio
Activists who work in north St. Louis County used the fourth day of protests over the shooting of an unarmed teenager to try and channel some of the anger into productive conversations. 

 Younger protestors and seasoned activists alike joined in an hour-long march around the St. Louis County administration complex that ended in front of the county jail.

A group of about 60 younger protestors remained on scene longer. And it was that group that was asked for their solutions to reducing tensions between the police and the community.

The suggestion board was the brainchild of Juliette Jacobs.

“These are not the people that are out rioting. But what we need to use is to use their voice to come up with some solutions that will help the community heal and end the violence.”

Jacobs, however, could not convince all the protestors to participate. Some wanted more action. Others argued that trying to work with the society that hassles them daily has failed in the past.