Push for new DNA testing in Savory murder case

Mar 14, 2013

The legal team representing Johnny Savory was back in a Peoria Courtroom Thursday. The Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth and Northwestern Law Students are asking, among other things, to have new DNA technology applied to the blood evidence in the 36-year-old double murder cases for which Savory is convicted. Savory was 14 years-old at the time of the gruesome murders of 14-year-old James Robinson and 19-year-old Connie Cooper. He was paroled in 2006. Savory contends his conviction was unjust: 

“It’s time for the truth.  And all you do to prevent injustice is use integrity, honor and accountability.  First here, and the state’s attorney has a duty and obligation to justice first and foremost,” Savory says.

 A similar request was denied by the court 15 years ago on grounds the DNA technology had not come far enough to conclusively establish an answer. Peoria County State’s Attorney Jerry Brady did not comment on the matter. It’s unclear when Judge Steve Kouri will rule on whether the matter will be picked-up by the court.