Quinn and Rauner camps debate tax policy

Sep 18, 2014

Governor Pat Quinn’s running mate is criticizing Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner’s support for what Vallas says would be taxes on food and drugs. Paul Vallas says Rauner’s support for a consumption tax is unfair to middle and working class residents:

 “When you tax consumption, when you tax services, you’re not basing those taxes on your ability to pay. You’re imposing those taxes regardless of your ability to pay.”

 Rauner’s campaign says he wants to tax non-food or drug items like chartered flights, mini-storage, and advertising sales.   Vallas also attacked Rauner’s budget plan for the state, saying it would mean billions in cuts for education. Vallas instead touted the Governor’s plan to keep existing tax rates level, while giving billions in state property tax credits and re-investing in education. However lawmakers failed to pass the plan last session.