Quinn and Rauner disagree on flight bans

Oct 28, 2014

The candidates for Illinois Governor are disagreeing over the best way to protect citizens from Ebola.  Republican Bruce Rauner says he wants flights from three African countries to be banned from flying into Illinois.  And that Democratic Governor Pat Quinn should, too.

"Why should we allow foreigners coming from the three countries where Ebola virus is widespread, it’s a massive problem, why should we allow them to get visas and let them come to the United States?"

Governor Quinn opposes a flight ban…  "I’ve done everything necessary to protect the people of Illinois on that issue." And favors a quarantine for anyone in Illinois at risk of having Ebola.

And it was his Democratic ally - U.S. Senator Dick Durbin - who cautioned against making Ebola a campaign issue.

"We have to take care that public health decisions, life and death decisions, are not made in the heat of a political campaign, in the closing days of a campaign, often with politicians looking for some tactical advantage."

In a statement - the Federal Aviation Administration says it’s up to federal agencies to enact a flight ban.