Quinn to call for cutting education in address

Mar 5, 2013

Budget director Jerry Stermer outlines Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposed budget for the fiscal year that begins this summer. He and other top aides spoke with reporters Tuesday evening at the Illinois State Museum in Springfield.
  Governor Pat Quinn is expected to call for cuts in education funding in his annual budget address Wednesday. IPR’s Brian Mackey has more. 
 Although overall state spending is expected to increase in the coming budget year, the money that goes to education would be cut under Quinn's proposed budget.His top aides hammered what they say is the cause. Brooke Anderson: "It is the direct product of inaction on pension reform.Jack Lavin: "This budget is a direct result of the inaction on stabilizing pensions."Jerry Stermer: "...  a direct result of not having action on stabilizing our public sector pension programs." The Quinn administration says if the state didn't have to make payments into the pension fund for suburban and Downstate teachers, his budget plan would have an increase of half-a-billion dollars for education.Quinn's budget director says the governor is unhappy with the cuts, and called them "extremely painful."