Quinn can’t put off budget speech any longer

Mar 19, 2014

Governor Pat Quinn put off Tio Hardiman in Tuesday’s primary, but he can’t put off his budget address any longer.  

 The budget address may be next on the calendar, but at least for today Governor Quinn stuck to his campaign talking points.

 QUINN: Raising the minimum wage … a billionaire with nine mansions.

 Quinn is scheduled to present his budget at the capitol next week.

 When I asked him what he wants for Illinois’ temporary income tax increase which is set to expire at the end of this year he, well … he went back to the script.

 QUINN: Well I’ll be talking about that next week and I think uh as you heard when I gave the state of the state address I talked about raising the minimum wage.

 University of Illinois political science professor Kent Redfield expects Quinn’s upcoming budget to be filled with cuts.

 Redfield says it should be a doomsday budget.

A January report by the governor’s budget office says if the tax hike is allowed to expire, it will mean a shortfall of 1.9 billion dollars in 2015.