Quinn mum on concealed carry action

Jul 1, 2013

Illinois is quickly approaching a federal court's deadline of July 9 for the state to have a concealed carry law.

Every other state has some type of law that lets an average person carry a gun in public.But not Illinois where only those in certain professions can - namely police, retired law enforcement and security guards on the job.

Illinois' under a court order to lift that ban.  Legislators crafted a plan for how they want it done.   Now everyone's waiting for Gov. Pat Quinn to take action. All last month, he would only say he was reviewing the measure. Now that the deadline's a week away, he says he'll do something about it "soon."

"Uh, it’s imminent.  I’ll act on that very shortly.  So, stay tuned."

Quinn wouldn't say what action he plans to take. There's a widespread expectation he'll use his veto pen to try and make it more restrictive.