Quinn questioned on closing state facilities

Apr 11, 2013

Under the direction of Governor Pat Quinn, Illinois is closing another state facility for people with severe developmental disabilities.  He shuttered the Jacksonville Developmental Center last year.  Next, is the Murray Developmental Center, in Centralia.  But he admits, he has never been to either.  IPR’s Amanda Vinicky reports.: 
 Governor Pat Quinn was walking toward the Capitol Thursday when he was confronted by Rita Winkeler.   WINKELER: "It is not safe, one size does not fit all..."QUINN: "Well I understand that." Winkeler's son, Mark, is 28-years-old... WINKELER:"He functions like a nine-month old, has an IQ of twelve, needs total round the clock care, diaper changing, feeding, clothing." Like the kind care she says he gets at Murray.Winkler says Quinn might realize that if he ever saw it firsthand. VINICKY: "Governor, actually have you visited Murray Center, or Jacksonville Developmental Center?"QUINN: "I made a decision based on what I think was right for the people of Illinois, it's not an easy decision but a necessary one."VINICKY: "But did you visit either of them ever?"QUINN: "No.  I have not.  I've seen plenty of information about it." Quinn favors moving developmentally disabled individuals out of institutions ... and into smaller, community homes that he says maximize freedom and independence.