Quinn, Rauner square-off face to face

Apr 11, 2014

Credit WBEZ / Chicago Public Radio
Governor Pat Quinn and his Republican challenger Bruce Rauner shared the same stage Friday.

 The topic was education.

 It was a tough audience for Rauner… 1100 delegates from the state’s largest teachers union, the Illinois Education Association.

 The president of that union, CINDA KLICKNA, asked RAUNER if these are the UNION BOSSES he’s talked about?

 KLICKNA: IF not, who are the union bosses?

RAUNER: (chuckling) Ah…

 Rauner went on to say KLICKNA is a union boss. But throughout his speech he tried to draw a distinction between TEACHERS –whom he praised –and their UNIONS…

 Quinn won on the applause meter for comments like this one:

 QUINN: I’m not gonna charter-ize this system of education in Illinois.

 The fact that Quinn’s running mate Paul Vallas has been a big charter school supporter did not come up. The two candidates also differed on VOUCHERS with Quinn opposing, and Rauner saying vouchers should be available in districts that are not achieving their goals.