Quinn releases 2013 tax returns

Apr 21, 2014

Governor Pat Quinn's has released his 2013 tax returns. 

Quinn's returns show basic information: like that his taxable income is $161,962.98. That left him paying about $7,700 in state taxes, and about $29,000 to the federal government.  Plus another $3,000 or so in property taxes.

But they also reveal some other insights.

As with last year, Quinn chose to put some of his refund to charity via Illinois' voluntary checkoff program: giving ten dollars to most causes, and $100 to the Military Family Relief Fund.

Although 4 out of 5 file their taxes electronically, Quinn isn't one of them.

His returns were handwritten. And he cut it close to the deadline; the forms were filed April 13, two days before tax day.

That's progress for an apparent procrastinator. He turned in his 2012 returns a day before they were due, and in 2011 he filed on tax day.

But that's before his rival in the governor's race, private equity investor Bruce Rauner. A spokesman says Rauner has filed for an extension. Rauner did release three prior years' worth of returns in November. Those showed his salary in 2012 was about $52 million.