Quinn stays silent on whether he wants to extend the income tax increase

Feb 10, 2014

The only mention of taxes during Governor Pat Quinn's address at ISU Sunday came when discussing the Republican candidates for Governor. Illinois' largest-ever income tax increase is due to sunset half-way through the fiscal year, but the Chicago Democrat is not saying if he'll support continuing the temporary hike.

Quinn told McLean County Democrats gathered for the annual "Honoring the Roosevelts" dinner the GOP hopefuls like to talk up tax and spending cuts but don't tell the whole story.

"They're going to say, 'tax less, spend less.' That's their whole philosophy. Sounds good if you say it fast. But that doesn't create jobs. It doesn't make a better state, it doesn't provide early childhood education."

During his address, Quinn repeated his State of the State appeals for a hike in the minimum wage to at least ten dollars an hour, and establishing earned sick days for all Illinois workers.