Quinn supports ban on assault weapons

Jul 24, 2014


Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is bringing the debate over guns into his reelection campaign.  Quinn says the issue of military-style weapons represents a fundamental difference between his policies and Republican candidate Bruce Rauner.

"My opponent thinks people should have assault weapons as they see fit. Do folks here agree with that? Do you agree with that? "

Quinn was speaking Thursday at a church on Chicago’s West Side to support a ban on high-capacity guns.

Rauner said people have a right to own so-called assault weapons at a primary debate back in February.  In a statement, a Rauner spokesman says Quinn is “not serious” about dealing with crime and the governor’s policies have been disastrous.

In particular the Rauner spokesman called a mismanaged anti-violence program a political slush fund.  But Quinn points to a record of fighting for and signing gun control legislation