Quinn surveys area flooding

Apr 19, 2013

Governor Pat Quinn met with area officials in Bartonville yesterday as part of a state-wide tour to survey flood damage.  Quinn declared 40 counties state disaster areas.  That helps expand the deployment of state emergency resources.  Quinn says the recent flooding is unique to the state:

 “We’ve never had a flood as pervasive as it is in the whole state of Illinois,” Quinn says.

 “Maybe Noah had a flood like this but we are really looking at one of the most challenging flood-times we’ve had in the history of our state.  This is a very important that we prepare for the river water headed our way.’

 Quinn is also urging residents and businesses to keep detailed records of the flood damage.  He says that will help when the state tries to secure federal recovery dollars.  Quinn says increased flooding issues are expected as water from the north makes its way through the Peoria-area.