Quinn touts state funding for area road projects

Sep 28, 2013

The City of Peoria is getting more than $500,000 from the state for area road improvement projects.  Governor Pat Quinn made the announcement during a stop in Peoria Saturday. The funding is part of more than $5 million in the state’s latest Illinois Jobs Now program. Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich says the funding becomes even more important to road building and maintenance amid declining motor-fuel-tax revenues:

 “So this additional infusion of capital money coming from the state really helps to bolster that back up and it helps us with projects like University Street, which are very important.  It’s probably with busiest north-south street that we have inside the city,” Urich says.

 Urich says most of the funding will go toward the University overlay project to Marlene Avenue. The city also plans to extend the work on University South Nebraska Road next year. The Tri-county area received about $2.5 million in the latest round of funding.