Race for Illinois Governor has both candidates talking about property tax

Sep 3, 2014

Even though your property taxes pay for local services, not state ones, they've become an issue in Illinois' race for governor. 

Gov. Pat Quinn and his Republican opponent Bruce Rauner don't agree on much, but both clearly see a winning strategy in promising lower property taxes. 

Quinn earlier this year proposed offsetting a higher income tax rate by sending homeowners a property tax rebate (though his plan didn't materialize). 

Rauner wants to eventually roll back the income tax rate, but he's also promising a freeze on property taxes.   His latest ad features suburban couples holding up their tax bills:

"Our property taxes went up over $1300." / "$384."/ "Over $700 dollars." 

But Rauner hasn't specified just what, or how, he would freeze real estate taxes. 

Joe McCoy, with the Illinois Municipal League, says property taxes are important to pay for public services, everything from schools to fire protection.

"Any effort to put a complete cap could have very dangerous results for local governments."Already, many municipalities are restricted in how much they can raise those tax rates without getting voters' okay.