Rahm Emanuel defends pet coke proposal

Feb 12, 2014

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is defending a proposed ordinance that could drive out at least one segment of industry from the city. 

 Mayor Emanuel says he plans to introduce an ordinance to prevent any new or expanded operations for a petroleum byproduct called pet coke.

 He says the substance prevents Chicago’s southeast side residents from enjoying life outdoors.

 If approved, the ordinance could severely restrict operations at KCBX Terminals Inc., which stores tons of the ash-like substance along the Calumet River.

 Emanuel says the proposal isn’t anti-industry.

 EMANUEL: You can manufacture, you can build, you can do all the things you want to do here in the City of Chicago. And, we have companies that are thriving, just like the Ford plant, not too far from there, but dumping an environmental product that damages our health is not something that we want to welcome.

 The Illinois Manufacturers Association says Emanuel’s proposal is unnecessary and will cost jobs.