Rahm Emanuel gets presidential phone calls

Apr 8, 2015

Rahm Emanuel’s phone was lighting up with calls from some of the country’s most powerful politicians congratulating him on re-election.  Emanuel says he heard from two presidents last night.  One was Bill Clinton, his former boss.

When Emanuel was asked if that call from a Clinton means he has his mind on returning to Washington D.C. should Hillary Clinton win her unofficial campaign for president next year, Emanuel gave a partly light-hearted answer.

"This is the best job I ever had. I have no interest in another job. Zero. Zilch. None. Nothing. Ok? Wait a second. I’m getting rolling. I got six other languages, that I can say ‘zero’ in."

The other call, from Barack Obama who is also Emanuel’s former boss.  Emanuel says he doesn’t let a conversation with Obama go by without pitching Chicago as the location for his presidential library.

The mayor says when he knows the location, we’ll all know the location.