Rauner accused of pay-to-play politics

Jun 6, 2014

The Republican candidate for Illinois governor is being accused of participating in pay-to-play politics.

   Why would Pennsylvania politics be playing a role in the race for Illinois governor?

 Because former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell - a Democrat - told the Chicago Tribune that he spoke in favor of Bruce Rauner after Rauner contributed 300-thousand dollars to his 2002 campaign.

 Rauner’s private equity firm later got the ok to manage investments for some of Pennsylvania’s pension systems.

 Now - Rauner is running against Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn for Illinois governor.

 Quinn’s campaign released a statement saying Rendell’s comments to the Tribune prove Rauner used pay-to-play politics to get the Pennsylvania state contracts.

 But Rauner’s campaign spokesman - Mike Schrimpf - says Rendell and Rauner never discussed the pension business…

 And Rauner’s firm had already been working with Pennsylvania before Rendell even ran for governor. Schrimpf calls it “pathetic” that Rendell would suggest Rauner participated in pay-to-play politics - just to help his fellow Democrat - Pat Quinn.