Rauner Calls Off Budget Meeting With Democratic Leaders

Dec 8, 2016

Credit brucerauner.com

After calling for daily meetings with Illinois' top leaders, Governor Bruce Rauner called off one that had been scheduled for today. In a statement, his office said Democrats were unprepared for the next steps in budget talks.

Today the Republican took that message to voters, with a video on social media.

"Democrats need to put human services and taxpayers ahead of themselves. They should be putting pressure on their leadership to work with Republicans to work on passing a balanced budget."

Senate President John Cullerton's spokesman says he's disappointed about the cancellation.  He says "slow" progress was being made.

The spokesman for House Speaker Michael Madigan says Democratic legislators have no plans to over drafting a budget framework. That's a responsibility for the executive branch.

Democrats say the governor is holding the state budget hostage to an unrelated political agenda.

It's unclear when Rauner and the legislative leaders will next meet.