Rauner continues fight for term limits

Jul 18, 2014

The Republican candidate for Governor says he's not daunted by the Illinois Supreme Court's decision not to review a lower court ruling barring a question on lawmaker term limits from appearing on November's ballot.

Chicago businessman Bruce Rauner was behind the ballot initiative. The decision means it will be very difficult to get the question on the ballot before it's certified August 22nd. But Rauner says he's hopeful.

"We hope to get the Supreme Court to review it now. They said that it needs to go through all the court levels below, so we're taking it to the appellate court next. Hopefully, we'll win there. If we don't we'll take it to the Supreme Court. We will never give up on this. We think voters deserve a voice."

The court denied the Committee for Legislative Reform and Term Limits' appeal of a Cook County circuit court ruling. That court had decided the measure didn't meet constitutional requirements and ruled the petitions invalid.   

Rauner says his group secured more than twice the number of signatures necessary. He says he'll continue fighting for term limits, even if it's after the election.