Rauner continues pushing for term limits

Jul 21, 2014

The Republican candidate for Illinois governor says he’ll take his term limits proposal to the state Supreme Court. That’s after his effort received a setback late last week.

Republican Bruce Rauner got the signatures needed to have voters weigh in on how many terms an Illinois legislator can serve. But a Cook County judge ruled his plan to be unconstitutional, and kicked it off the ballot.

Attorneys for the term limits effort wanted the Illinois Supreme Court to take up the case so it could be decided ahead of November election.

On Friday, that high court decided term limits must first be considered by the appeals court. Rauner says he’ll keep on trying, regardless of how the courts rule.

"If we can’t do it through the courts, we’ll do it through the political process with candidates. Get them in office, so we get term limits, change that culture in Springfield."

Democrat Paul Vallas, who’s the running mate for incumbent Pat Quinn, says they support term limits, but not Rauner’s plan.

Vallas says Rauner’s term limits initiative is “convoluted” because it calls for reducing the number of state senators, and increasing the number of House members, among other changes.